Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anne of Green Gables Tea Party

The girls were extremely excited to throw an old-fashioned Anne of Green Gables tea party for their friends. We decorated with every embroidered doily we could find. The day before, we spent a few hours with the Anne of Green Gables cookbook, and whipped up some Ruby Tea Biscuits. We even made our own Raspberry cordial, which was amazingly delicious, and did not intoxicate anyone.
We made a cake and remembered to use vanilla, stead of liniment.
 But in true Anne-ish style, our tea party did not go off perfectly. For example I may have accidentally turned on the wrong burner when I went to heat the tea. I may have left the baking sheets on top of this burner, and the parchment paper lining the sheets may have briefly caught fire. But it was extinguished quickly with no one the wiser, I think.

Then there was the matter of the hats. We decided to make some fancy hats for the party. I used a paper plate for the bottom, and a paper bowl for the top. I glued them all together the night before and then let the kids decorate them with lace, ribbon, and silk flowers. The boys used old pieces of silk ties for their hat-bands. We stapled a piece of elastic beading string around the chin to keep them on. This is the point where I permanently lost one of my children to a full-blown tantrum because the elastic was either too tight or too loose or too something. She stayed in our pantry for the rest of the party. 
But, all of the other children at the party were all decked out in style. Some of them may have worn these hats for days, even to places one might not normally wear a paper plate hat, like Costco. And just as our guests were leaving, my wayward child did reappear to eat some cake and joyfully wear her hat for the rest of the day. It just wouldn't be an Anne tea party, without drama, right?

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